Being a couple is tough work, especially when you feel like your date nights are beginning to get repetitive. Now don’t get me wrong, if you like sitting on the couch and binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, we are no one to judge (especially because we do the same thing). But it’s summer so getting out and enjoying all your city has to offer should be at the top of your relationship to-do list. Doing new things is just one of the fun parts of being in a relationship. Experiencing new things with someone you enjoy spending time with makes even the little things that much more fun. I have compiled a list of cute date night ideas for anyone! There is no age limit on any of these romantic date night ideas (except for a night out on the town–21 and older please!)

15 Fun Date Night Ideas

1. Game night

2. Movie marathon

3. Cook something new

4. (If that doesn’t work) Go to a couples cooking class

5. Buy tickets for a sporting event that you will both enjoy

6. Bowling

7. Go to a concert for a band you have never heard before

8. Drive until you hit a new destination and spend the night

9. Go for a bike ride around the city on a Divvy Bike

10. Go to the Zoo

11. Spend a afternoon at Eataly sipping great Italian Wine and Beers

12. Go out for Frozen Yogurt

13. Movie in the park (assuming it’s warm out)

14. (If it’s not) Go try every hot chocolate place near your house and name the winner

15. Night out on the town

We hope you enjoyed our good date night ideas for married couples, new couples, or just friends ;). Good date night ideas are hard to come by so be sure to take notes, we are confident all of these activities will bring that extra pizzazz your relationship needs.  Great date night ideas make it easy to keep things fresh and spicy.