The city of Chicago offers so many unique locations for couples to tie the knot. You have wineries to breweries, restaurants to lofts, parks to zoos, hotels, gardens, museums and much, much more. There are so many, in fact, we are a little surprised the CTA El stops haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of the wedding industry. Next stop…Marital Bliss!
What makes it difficult for couples is that every venue seems to have their own way of doing things. There is not an industry standard when it comes to the inclusiveness of a package. This leaves for lots of questions, lots of check lists and lots of confusion! Don’t worry we are here to help!
As beautiful and appealing as lofts, museums, gardens, and parks tend to be, they are not exclusively a wedding venue. So, all the tables, chairs, flatware, and glassware need to be coordinated and rented by an outside vendor. When looking to have a wedding at a venue like this, it is very helpful to have an experienced planner to help coordinate everything for you! They will be able to work with the multiple vendors to make sure everything is being delivered and set up properly on the day of! This will take a lot of stress away from you on the big day.
On the other hand places like wineries, breweries and restaurants have all of that on-site for the couples already. It is easy to plan your wedding on your own at these venues because there isn’t much more for you to worry about and most of these venues have on-site coordinators to help on the day of. These are the kinds of venues we want to focus on. Mainly because many brides and grooms are planning their wedding on their own and we want you to be as prepared on possible.



Below are the top 22 questions we think you should ask when you are looking to have your wedding at restaurant style venues.

1. How many people can you accommodate for dinner with a dance floor?
2. Do you have a per person or overall food and beverage minimum? Do they vary per day?
3. Do you offer Plated, Family Style and Stations? Is there a price difference?
4. Are we able to bring in our own liquor?
5. Is all food and beverage done on-site?
6. Are we able to come in and sample the menu items?
7. Is the wedding cake included in our package? If so, what bakery do you use?
8. Can we bring in outside food? Such as a sweet table or a late night snack?
9. What times do you host events in the evenings?
10. Do you host afternoon events, as well?
11. What is included in the rental fee of the space, and how long do we have the space for?
12. Do you include all linens and napkins for the tables?
13. Is there a sound system on-site?
14. What else do I have to take care of, in terms of vendors, outside of the venue?
15. Do you have a vendor list? If so, do we have to use vendors off that list or can we use any ones we like?
16. Who is responsible for tear down and set up?
17. What time are outside vendors able to come in and begin set up?
18. What happens if on the day of more people show up than the final number we give?
19. Do we need to purchase any liability insurance?
20. Do we need security for the event?
21. Is there a wedding suite or a place for the wedding party to put their belongings?
22. Are there any additional or hidden fees we will be charged closer to the event date or on the night of the event?

We hope these questions help you while you begin your search for wedding venues. Keep in mind, what may appear more affordable may not be everything you dreamed of. Keep looking until you find the space that has everything you are looking for!
Good luck with all of your planning!