Take the headache out of your wedding seating chart planning.

Planning a wedding has its fun moments.  But let’s be honest, it also has its stressful and moments that make you want to pull your hair out. One of those time consuming moments is making the seating chart. Keep in mind, everyone will put their 2 cents in about who doesn’t want to sit by the window or who doesn’t like being stuck in the corner of a wedding venue. Here are some of our handy tips to help you make your seating chart with ease.

Assigned Wedding Seating

This is the most important tip of all. Whether you are having a laid back reception or formal black tie affair, always give your guests assigned seating. You do not need to give them place cards, which tells them which seat to sit at. However, escort cards are a must. Escort cards will tell your guests which table to sit at. This will minimize the awkward skimming of the room for a seat when it is time for dinner.

Table for 2?

As the couple of the night you have options. You have the option of doing a traditional head table with your bridal party. Now head tables have not been the fad of the year. In fact, more and more we see couples placing their bridal party with their dates, but still nearby. You may want a sweetheart table so you can actually spend some time with your husband or wife during the night. Or you can opt for a casual floor plan and sit at a round table like the rest of your guests.

Floor Plan

It is important to keep your floor plan in mind. You do not want to seat your grandparents or your elderly guests right next to the band or DJ. They will not enjoy their evening.  Just think about who you are sitting where. You may want a kids table. Which is completely understandable. However, seat them by the parents so they can keep an eye on the kids, but still have a good time.

Table tops

Many wedding venues have standard round tables. These tables can seat 8-10 people comfortably. You do not want your guests brushing elbows during dinner. Some venues have different size tables that you can use depending on your guest list. There are square tables that seat 8 people, rectangle that can seat up to 10 people. If you want a more casual reception you can mix large and small tables, as well.

The Family Stone

No matter what type of head table you choose, there will be a head table and that is the one you are sitting at. It is hard to decide who will be sitting at your table with you. If you want to keep it simple, choose the bridal party. That way no one’s feelings will get hurt. Keep family close by. Surround yourself with them so they feel close to you on your special night.