Great Gifts your Wedding Party will Love


When thinking about what to get the people who have been by your side through the thick and thin of wedding planning, it can be a little stressful! Somehow, you have to give a useful, yet fun, but reasonable gift to a number of people who all have different interests! Well we accept the challenge! Below are some great weddings party gift ideas for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Bridal party gifts for women:



Any piece of jewelry for the wedding day is a great gift! They do not all necessarily have to be the same for everyone but they should be uniform. If you get simple pieces your bridesmaids will be sure to get good use out of them!

Coffee Mug


Everyone can use a new wine glass or coffee mug in their lives! You can personalize them with the date of the wedding or their name.



Swell forever is a website where you can leave personal notes of items such as scarves and blankets. Scarves or shall for the wedding day if you are expecting colder weather would be both practical and cute!


Wedding party gifts for groomsmen:

Drop Catch Bottle Opener


This is a great gift that can be personalized. If any of your groomsmen have a bar in their basement or backyard this is perfect! Not only is it cool looking, but the opener is magnetic and catches all of the bottle tops for you!

Money Clip


Since everyone carries around money or credit cards these days, this is one very practical gift. You can get a clip just for money or you can get a piece for credit cards and identification.

Patterned Socks


These have been a popular trend in the wedding industry in the last few years. They make for a great photo and they can match the wedding colors. You can also put the tie for everyone with this gift as a keep sake for after the wedding.


We hope this collage of gifts helped you muster up some ideas! Keep in mind, no matter what you get them a bridal party gift is about gratitude and they will love anything you get them!


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