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As weddings evolve over time some traditions get lost. Things like bouquet tossing and having a guest book seem to be the least of brides and grooms worries these days. However, if you make your wedding guest book something fun, I say, old habits die hard, right? I have come up with some creative guestbook ideas for your wedding! All the wedding guest book ideas below are for a DIY guestbook.  So now is the time to bring out your crafty skills and Pinterest boards to help bring back the guest book for  a DIY wedding!

Large serving platter– This will be fun when you have a party and some of your wedding guests are there, as well!

Large Wine Bottle-Using a large wine bottle or any other liquor that is special the couple can be opened on an anniversary or for special occasions!

Scrap book-If you have a Polaroid camera or a photo booth guests can make their own page for you to look at after the wedding. Out of all guestbook wedding ideas, this one is memorable because you will be able to see your guests having fun!

Oversized Wine or Martini Glass-We recommend  large items for wedding guestbook ideas so that you have enough room for all of your guests signatures without looking too crammed.

Large Vase or Multiple Small Vases-If you paint a vase with chalkboard paint and give the guests markers or chalk to sign with they will make for cute centerpieces later on!

Large Picture Frame-If you have your guests sign a picture frame, be sure to have the photographer take a picture of everyone at the reception so you can put a picture in the frame. You can always put a picture of yourselves in there too!

Surfboard or Golf Clubs-Choosing something that is a hobby or interest to the couple makes it more meaningful for them to keep at the end of the wedding.

Jenga  (The Game) Pieces -If you are a gamer this is something that you will use forever! Have your guests write a little note and their name on a Jenga piece. Every time you play it after the wedding you will be able to read the little notes guests wrote you.

ceative guest book ideas


I hope you found our ideas for guestbook’s at weddings helpful! It is always important to have little things that will remind you of your wedding day. It is a special day that will stick with you forever! Be sure to follow our blog for more than just guestbook ideas, wedding planning is our specialty!