Now that you are engaged the real fun begins. Wedding Planning, and the best part, registering for all the things you don’t have but really want! Below are some wedding registry tips from when to set up wedding registry to knowing the exact stores that have wedding registry for you choose from! However, how does one know when to do a wedding registry list? After you get engaged, you can start thinking about your wedding registry, and what to register for. People may want to buy something off of your registry for your engagement party. The sooner the better is our motto for when to register for wedding gifts.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • The first do of my wedding registry advice is to do a wedding registry. If you leave it open for people to  guess, you never know what kind of crazy gifts you will end up with. Making a registry list helps your guests narrow down what you want and are able work around their budget.
  • Don’t register for things that are crazy expensive. I would recommend a range of things from $200.00-$50.00. This way people can get you a lot of small things or one big thing depending on how much money they want to spend. Also, keep in mind, you can always return a number of things to buy that one item that is a little pricey!
  • Don’t feel obligated to only register for kitchen and bath items. Now a days it is completely acceptable to register for things you will actually use, like, furniture, luggage, or money towards your honeymoon!
  • See if the store you are registering at ships items to your home. This is good to know for large items. You don’t want to have to carry everything back with you after your bridal shower.
  • Do decide if you want to have a display shower or unwrap all your gifts that day. Knowing about the shipping policy at the store will help you make this decision, as well!
  • It is hard to know what to register for your wedding when you have everything! Bring your fiancé with you. I am sure they will help you decide on a few extra things you really really need! After all, you will both be using the items you receive from your guests.
  • Don’t forget about your registry once you make your list. You should be checking it every once in a while so you can make sure the list is updating items. And it is fun to see if you are getting everything you want!
  • The time has come, when to do your wedding registry is here. Be sure that your registry list is available online. It makes it easy for people to go to the store prepared, and even order it online and have it shipped to your house. In today’s society, even wedding planning needs to be quick and easy!
  • Inventory is very important when registering. Know what you already have, what is broken, and what can be replaced. This will help you organize the things you need when you are in the store registering.
  • Do not include where you are registered on your invitation. It is not proper etiquette to share that information. Count on your parents, relatives, and bridal party to help spread the word. If you have a wedding website that would be a great place to disclose where you have registered.
  • We saved the most important one for last. Send thank you notes to everyone who sent you a gift. If you know they will not be attending your shower or wedding, send it right away. Be sure to be specific in the gift that was sent. It is always nice to show gratitude to the people who are helping you start the next chapter in your life!



Where to Register

Williams Sonoma


Crate and Barrel

The Container Store

Pottery Barn


Bed, Bath and Beyond

Tiffany & Co.

Sur La Table