In the past few years many couples have been trying to be as unique as they can with creative wedding favors. Some people think, are wedding favors necessary?  I think it is a nice gesture to give your guests something to take home to remember your special night. Your wedding favors can essentially be anything you want! In our opinion the best wedding and favorite favors are ones you can eat!

Giving your guests a savory treat to leave with is one of the best things you can do. Below are some of our  ideas for wedding favors to make every guests’ mouth water.

Garrets Popcorn

Popcorn is  a great favor. It is simple, there are many different flavors to choose from, and we have great popcorn shops in Chicago. Our personal favorite is Garret’s Popcorn (especially their Chicago Style). You can give it away individually or have bags brought in and let people choose from different flavors. Another cute thing about this favor is that you can personalize them. Getting a sticker with your photo, names or the date of the wedding is a simple and affordable way to personalize this favor.

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Weber’s Bakery

When one of our brides brought in her favors a few days before the wedding my eyes lit up. She brought in donuts from Weber’s Bakery. It is a family owned business at 7055  W. Archer Ave. in Chicago. This is certainly a hidden gem in Chicago. It is a family owned bakery and they are proud of it! Go to their website and read all about their history.

For the favor the bride added a ribbon and thank you card to match her wedding decor. She ordered 2 donuts per box ( one per person) They were so good that people were taking 2 boxes with them! I think this is such a creative wedding favor and they were delicious! Not only did guests get to take something home with them, they essentially had breakfast the next day!

She said they were inexpensive and that people are still raving about them. I would say they were worth every penny!

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Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is an online company that specializes in none other than salted caramels. They were the softest, sweetest, savoriest salted caramels I have ever eaten. However, they sell many different treats along with the Bourbon Salted Caramel. They sell popcorn, cookies, and even cocoa.

You can have all favors packaged to personalize your wedding! Aside from DIY wedding favor ideas, this is something that is simple, affordable, and delicious that your guests will enjoy.  You can choose how many pieces come in each package. I would recommend 3 or 4 since they are so delicious! This favor is really something that people will remember. I would recommend this to any bride or groom looking for something to wow their guests taste buds!