There is a long list of to do’s that lead up to your wedding.  It is the smaller more daunting tasks that can be the most stressful.  Like working out!  You want to feel and look  your absolute best when you walk down that isle.  After all, all eyes will be on you!

Working out is a chore for most of us.  And it can be costly and a big commitment to join a gym, especially when gyms only offer yearly contracts.  Luckily, there are gyms and studios out there that understand all the work that a bride does to lead up to her big day and offer bridal packages to help you get ready for your wedding.

Exhale Chicago

Exhale Chicago is a fitness center and spa located in the Gold Coast who’s spa menu includes everything from acu-healing to manicures to body scrubs.  There fitness studio offers classes such as barre, cardio, and yoga.  Exhale offers a bridal package titled “Bridal Boot Camp”.    Their Bridal Boot Camp is offered in a six week package and a twelve week package.  See details below:

6 week package at $680:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Three facials
  • One 60 minute massage
  • One private class

12 week package at $975:

  • Unlimited class
  • Four facials
  • One 60 Minute massage
  • One private class

You can use your private class to invite your bridal party to join in on a free group activity prior to your wedding. (Maybe treat them to a manicure after?)  It’s a great way to say how appreciative of them you are for being in your wedding.  Exhale is a one stop shop and a perfect option for any busy bride to be.

Power Sculpt Fitness

PSF, located in Lakeview, is a total body conditioning based gym that offers a package titled “Sculpted Bride To Be”.  This three month pass costs $270 and includes classes that consist of cycling, barre, and TRX.  Classes range from 20-60 minutes and are quick and accompanied by an up beat play list.  While constantly monitoring your heart rate, you are preforming resistance training and cardio that burns calories and reshapes your body.


Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness has locations all over the city: Lincoln Square, Logan Square, Roscoe Square, South Loop, West Loop, Wicker Park, and Wrigleyville.  Open seven days a week, OTF is a one hour full body workout that focuses on endurance and cardio.  The OTF workout uses a treadmill, free weights, and row machine while monitoring your heart rate to make sure you are constantly being pushed to your max.  Orange Theory Fitness discounts their monthly memberships for brides to be, and they also offer special events that you can host for your bridal party.  Because, honestly, it’s no just you that wants to look good for your big day!


Shred415 has locations in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, and Old Town.  This studio offers a bridal package titled “Shred To Wed” or “Shredding For Your Wedding”.  This package basically discounts their monthly rates, so you can get three months of unlimited classes at the rate of $180 per month.  Shred is an interval training concept that includes running on Woodway Treadmills, weight training, resistant floor exercises, etc.

Title Boxing

Title boxing is one of the newer gyms about town.  Located in Lincoln Park, West Loop, and Evanston; this one hour total body workout is a new way to train for the big day.  Title offers a package to brides to be that is three months of unlimited classes for $360.  Their classes start with a 15 minute warm up followed by three minute rounds of boxing and kicking on a heavy weight bag, finishing up with 15 minutes of core/cardio.  This is a sure way to get those arms toned for your wedding day while also getting a full body workout.

Tip: If you are not sure what style of workout will be best for you, go try a class out before committing.  Most gyms offer a free first class to new customers!