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Most of us, if not all, have seen the movie 27 Dresses. We know how awful some bridesmaids dresses can be. And if you have been a bridesmaids you know how tough it is to speak your mind when you do not agree with the bride or groom’s decisions. When you begin your bridesmaids dress search it is always good to go in with some bridesmaids dress ideas. Luckily you don’t have to dictate what to wear bridesmaids dress shopping! Below are some helpful hints to picking bridesmaid dresses for weddings.


This is not a Dictatorship

It is not always easy to dress your wedding party. No one has the same style, they are not all the same size and they probably wouldn’t all agree on the same thing if it wasn’t for it being your big day. However, they are the ones wearing the dresses and it is important to get their opinion. They said yes to being your wedding bridesmaid so they knew what they were getting themselves into. You may be surprised by your bridesmaids ideas! Go to them with a few choices of dresses you like and let them choose from those. That way you know you like them (since you picked them out), and they have a few options too!

Rain or Shine

Mother Nature has not been the most consistent woman lately, as we all know. When choosing length, style, and fabric, it is really important to think about what the weather is generally like during that time of the year. You do not want your bridesmaids to be dripping sweat during your outside ceremony in velvet dresses. You also don’t want them to be freezing their toes off in  short chiffon dresses in December. Heavy fabrics clearly are not for Summer and airy fabrics are not for Winter. If on the day of the weather does not cooperate, there is an alternative, bridesmaids dresses are made to accessorize! Give the girls a shawl or a sweater that they can all wear to match the dresses and stay warm while still looking cute.

Cost and Recycle

“You can totally shorten it and wear it again”. Although your  bridesmaids will not wear the dress again, it would be nice to pick one that could be worn again. Your bridesmaids will most likely be paying for these dresses themselves, and as they are not cheap, they would probably feel better dropping half their paycheck on a dress they can wear again. Price is another huge factor for dresses. Not everyone is going to be able to afford designer dresses. Find a happy medium of fashion and price. It’s doable I promise! Finding something that is simple. Choosing one color makes it easy to re-accessorize and make a completely different look for every girl.

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One size does not fit all

If you look back to when your aunts and uncles and parents were married, everyone in the bridal party looked exactly the same. Every dress, every broche, and every tie and tuxedo were the same exact color. Now-a-days, many brides and  grooms are deciding on one color and fabric and letting their leading ladies and men find the perfect dress or suit. Many bridesmaid dress fashion lines make a dress in the same fabric and color with different tops, silhouettes and styles. The golden rule applies here. Treat your bridesmaids like you want to be treated. Remember, you may be standing next to them one day!

The Simpler the Better

In defense of the wedding industry, bridesmaids dresses have made their comeback. Looking at many different styles every weekend, I can honestly say I have liked so many of them! Not only has style evolved, but so has wedding fashion. Now you are able to choose dresses that could be worn again. Also, when you choose a dress, whether it be all one color, a different style, or both, jewelry is a great way to let each bridesmaid let her personality shine! It is your wedding, but you choose all your bridesmaids for a reason and it is fun to let that show through.


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