There are so many different things you can do to really personalize your wedding. You can choose unique colors, start new traditions, brand your wedding or serve food that is special to you and your fiancé.  Another thing you can do to make your wedding your own is display photos of you, your fiancé, and your family members who have been married before you.

Having family photos at a wedding really creates the atmosphere for those who  have known your family for a long time.  Bringing pictures of your grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts and uncles brings back that feeling to those who attended the weddings. Your wedding is essentially about bringing two families together and showcasing those before you only makes the night that much more special.


Now I am not saying that you must have photos for your wedding, but I will tell you how to display photos at a wedding in a fun and creative way.

The first thing you need to do is gather all of the photos you want to use. This is the part where your family members need to help you out by digging into all of their old photos. I am sure they all be more than happy to help!

The ways to display family photos depends on what kind of wedding you are having. Are you having a rustic, romantic or classic wedding?


For  a country style wedding you can use vintage cork boards to pin the photos on or you can use an old picture frame with wire to clip the photos on. You can even use a Burlap table cloth to tie in your rustic theme.

More traditional  weddings are more flexible.  You can simply use picture frames to display in the lobby of your reception hall. You can leave the photos in their original frames that they have been in forever, or you can go buy new ones that match the colors of your wedding. This will be a nice extra element to greet your guests when they arrive!


If you are having a ceremony in a church, or even at the same place as your reception you can make your photos isle decor. You can reprint them to make them larger and hand them on a pew or chair to line the isle that you walk down. If some of these people are not there with you on the day of it is a nice way to include them in this special moment.

Another way to use family photos at your wedding is to use them as table numbers! You can make print outs with a table number on them. These will make for great conversation among the tables and your family members will feel the need to walk around and see all of them!


Displaying pictures at wedding reception sites can be difficult! We hope that these ideas will help you set out photos in a creative way that both you and your guests will enjoy!



Photographer: Wasio Photography
Table Number Design: Kathleen Carron